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Studio Salons provides impressive, modern, and upscale rental space in a “salon mall” concept that allows salon professionals the opportunity to have their own business and make more money without the risks and challenges of owning a conventional salon.

The studio Salons concept takes the bulk of work and complexity out of traditional salon ownership. We are turning the salon business upside down by enabling individual salon professionals to become independent entrepreneurs. Studio Salons offers rental studio suites in our modern “salon malls” for the same rate, or often less than what one would pay for space at a chair rental hair salon. This allow individuals to operate their own exclusive spa or salon while having 24 hour access to a secure and private suite.

This concept permits individuals to: eliminate the hiring and management of staff, sell retail products of their choice, set their own pricing, determine their business hours and create their very own personal spa or salon atmosphere. The Studio Salons concept focuses on an excellence in function. Our concept enables you to run a seamless and profitable operation.

A benefit of a franchised business is that you own it, but you also have the benefit of the franchiser’s expertise and experience to drastically reduce the cost to get started. Therefore for you chances of success are much greater, and you have a model that has consistenly made money for the franchiser.

For more information on our Franchise Opportunity please click here to download the PDF.

Ownership Benefits

Studio Salons creates the perfect solution for stylists, massage therapists,nail technicians and estheticians who want to own and run their own business. This gives you an “out of the box” success kit to that allows you to bring in your own professionals to lease the spaces from you with minimal effort. It’s that simple.

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  1. Studio Salons offers a proven business model, a system that has worked for many years and will work for you. As a franchisee you will be given all the tools: the system, the training, the name, the market, the support-that, if you use them, will insure your success.
  2. We will help you with site selection and determine the best location(s) for you success.
  3. We provide you with the initial and ongoing training and support. Our detailed Operations Manual will teach you everything from lease negotiation to marketing. We do not leave a stone unturned when it comes to teaching you our business, and we will continue to help you to ensure our mutual success throughout our entire business relationship.
  4. We share our proven system and procedures. Both have been developed over many years to allow the successful operation of one or multiple Studio Salons. Immediately upon signing the Franchise Agreement, you will have access to the best systems and methods in the industry.
  5. You will enjoy the benefits from our name recognition and marketing experience. You will be part of the Studio Salons network of successful Franchisees.

Benefits of Franchising


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